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Josh's Computer Service

Repairing Computers and Electronics in the Waterloo, WI area since 2009

Electronic Repair

 Josh's Computer Service repairs all kinds of electronic devices, not just computers. We have repaired non-functioning LCD computer monitors to operational status. We have fixed an LCD TV that was struck by lightning. We can also fix your tablet or smartphone if it is acting up.

When it comes to tablets or smartphones there are many things that can be fixed. The battery can be replaced to increase battery life. If the screen is cracked or if the touchscreen isn't working, they can be swapped out. Call or message us for a quote on your portable electronics today.

When it comes to electronic devices like TVs, printers, computer monitors, etc the problems that these devices may have can be varied.Give us a call or fill out the quote form and describe the problem you are having and we will get you a quote for the repair.